Types of Placements

Permanent Placements
Koerner & Associates, Inc. is committed to fulfilling our clients' needs for experienced, high-quality, permanently-placed attorneys. We have spent years building an extensive network of high-level contacts around the globe, and we use those contacts, along with our proven recruitment techniques and each client's own hiring standards, to place the most qualified attorneys with our client law firms and corporations for permanent positions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Contract Placements
In an effort to better serve our clients, K&A now offers temporary/part-time and contract attorney searches and placements for select law firm and corporate clients, each customized to fit the client's unique, individual needs.

With an emphasis on the legal profession and corporate management, K&A offers:


K&A now places top-notch attorneys in select law firms and corporations for temporary placement on an "as needed" basis, as well as for part-time employment. Whether our clients need temporary help for a short period of time, or one dedicated attorney to work part-time hours, K&A has a large pool of carefully screened, experienced legal professionals that we can quickly and efficiently place in their firms or corporate in-house departments to assist in meeting their current goals.


For those firms and corporations looking for less traditional and more cost-effective ways to manage workflow, K&A now places contract attorneys. These attorneys are not looking for a traditional career path. Rather, they specialize in offering their services to law firms and corporations in a variety of ways. K&A uses the same successful recruitment techniques for contract placements as we do for more traditional permanent placements, ensuring our clients are matched with only the most qualified attorneys for the job.

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